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The Best 5 years of Mirena

I had the Mirena iud put in July 2006 after my daughter was born. I stopped having periods in the first year. I am so spoiled now. My husband and I decided it is time to have another baby when I had it removed. I still haven’t had a period though. So it is difficult to tell when I will become pregnant or if I will conceive. We are still waiting (since October 3rd)

I had the Mirena inserted yesterday. I have to say I was very nervous having this done after reading alot of other people’s experiences. So I took only 2 IBU and off I went to my appt. I have to say I was shocked. I did not feel a thing. The Dr said okay, and I said is that it and he said yep ur done! It was awesome. I have not had one cramp, one ache, nothing as of yet and I am hoping it will continue this way. I had it inserted while on my period. I don’t know if anyone else had it done while on their period, but maybe it makes a difference. But absolutely no pain at all!! I am 41 with 4 children and I am hoping this bc is going to just be a wonderful experience.

By: Lisa

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