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What is the Spotlight Intention?

1000thought is a good site for your intention, here is some faqs for yours:

What is the Spotlight Intention?

The Spotlight Intention is the first intention everyone sees when they log in to the site each day. An intention, once selected as the Spotlight Intention, will remain the Spotlight Intention until 10,000 people have read the intention or until 24 hours have expired – whichever comes first.

How is the Spotlight Intention Selected?

The Spotlight Intention is selected through a random drawing where members points determines each intentions odds of being selected.

How do I make one of my intentions the Spotlight Intention?

The Spotlight Intention is selected by a random drawing. To increase your odds of being selected for the Spotlight Intention you need to accumulate Member Points. The more member points you have, the better chance you have of one of your intentions becoming the Spotlight Intention.

How do I get people to read my intentions?

There are four main ways to increase the number of people who see and read your intention.

1. Get your intention selected to be the Spotlight Intention. (Other forum questions discuss the Spotlight Intention in detail.)

2. Share your intention with people you know using 10,000 Thoughts “invite a friend” function. (And generate Member Points in the process!)

3 Create an intention that is highly visible to the Search Engine.

Give the Search Engine plenty of options to select your intention by including a complete title and a descriptive background to your intention. In addition, fill out a comprehensive profile on your account page, and write detailed gratitudes on your gratitude page as well. As a member, the more you write on the site, the more avenues other members have to find you and find your intentions as well.

And remember, focus on helping others and you will be helping yourself as well.

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My silly manifestation – this is for you Bart!

I intend to find a billy goat in a kilt!
Background Information:

This is an intention inspired by Bart’s entry on Manifesting Blue Frogs and Polka Dotted Moons. I think it is a great idea for practicing patience and paying attention to the things around you.

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