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S 1867- They Forgot To Sanction Necrophilia

On Sunday, Dec. 4, I learned that Congress had made it legal for any member of the military to screw my dog.
my dog.

I’m serious. This is in S 1867, passed 93-7 by the senate.

My poor old brain couldn’t process all this. Of course I got upset. But everything is vibration, and every solution is in the energetic matrix which surrounds us. Lower energies like fear, anger, etc., keep us from accessing the perfect solution to this or any problem.

I had to get to a state of love and peace, i.e. I had to de-stress.

But what is peace?

Well, peace can come from awareness. So I decided to learn all I could about the bill. Maybe there was just a lot of misinformation out there. But learning more about the bill didn’t do much for creating love and peace.

We’re all screwed. Not just our dogs.

I don’t think our soldiers care about being free to practice bestiality. What’s that about?

But if there were an agenda to totally demoralize our servicemen,so that they had no conscience, maybe a way to start would be to relax their attitude towards sodomy and bestiality. Both of these activities would certainly be low consciousness.

Then they’d be able to practice total misuse of power, as per the terms of S 1867.

93 senators voted for a bill that included the “right” to arbitrarily and summarily determine anyone,anywhere in the world, to be a threat/criminal, and to detain them indefinitely,without any reason, based on nothing more than a “belief”.

Yep. Our senate almost unanimously began the dissolution of the principles our country is built on.

They are playing this down. Down here in Florida Marco Rubio is saying the bill doesn’t do these things. But it does. I voted for him, and am so disappointed.

There will be more propaganda. And of course the media knows how to manipulate our herd mentality.

If we watch enough riveting episodes of dancing with the stars and the Kardashians we’ll be as good as new in time for the next election .

Or not. We may have reached a tipping point. Some have even turned off the TV.

Regardless, the only way we can truly handle this problem, or whatever else the future holds, is with love and peace in our hearts. Emotions like fear, worry, anger, rage, etc, lower our life force and keep us in an energetic prison. Only peace and love can raise our vibration so that we can turn this around.

I’m going to resonate with love and peace.

But my dog bites.

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Turn Off the TV!

Many of us are frightened as we continue to hear news about our economy. Frightened is too mild of a term, maybe. We are totally sucked into the drama.

But do we really know what would happen if our economy collapsed? After all, how has our present system been working out?

Any fear or concern we have is the result of what the media is telling us.

And who controls the media? The truly big money of the world, who could have vested interest in your being in fear at this time.

So turn off the TV and the radio. Can you do it? If you can, that’s unusual. Most of us are programmed that we must watch the news, read newspapers, etc. That’s because it’s easier to ”walk us” — as if we’re on a leash — and the leash is the media.

(All forms of media know we have two minds, both of which are easily manipulated.)

But remember that ticking bomb post? Look at the power we have.

Fear totally cancels out this power. We are vibration, and the vibration of fear is too low, it actually stops growth on all levels.

You and I have the ability to turn this entire situation around.

Start by refusing to listen to those who want you to live in fear. Know that you are a part of a collective that is one big heart.

Of course you have free will so you can also continue to be a robot, living in a world controlled by those who know how to pull your strings.

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Do hemorrhoids go away

For you to answer this very important question, first it is very essential for you to know what a hemorrhoid is as well as the kinds of hemorrhoids. Knowing some details regarding this illness will help you find an answer to your questions.

Hemorrhoids are incredibly common, specifically in the western civilization for various reasons. The most common factor is the kind of diet they have. As being a part of the western society, they are inclined to have relatively poor diets, primarily because of the reason that people consume too much amount of processed food, which are lacking in essential nutrients including fiber. Fiber plays a significant role for the avoidance of this illness because it helps in cleaning your intestine for easy bowel movements.

Do hemorrhoids go away? Yes! Since hemorrhoids are caused mainly by lack of fibers in your diet that results to hard stools and causes your blood vessels around your anus to rip during bowel movement, it can be cured.

Do Hemorrhoids Go Away? Yes, Through Following This Treatment

If you are one of many people who keep asking “do hemorrhoids go away?”, then you need to know that you can get rid of it. Hemorrhoids can be treated as they are not lasting. On the other hand, there are some cases reported that this illness disappears without undergoing any treatment. But in order to prevent this illness from coming back, you have to undergo proper medications.

This illness can be a passing condition once proper safety measures are followed. Hemorrhoids are far different from cut or cold that can disappear in due course, even if not cured. HD or Hemorrhoidal Disease can turn out to be a painful and consistent problem if you don’t make any action to address the main cause of this illness.

Do hemorrhoids go away on their own way – Health

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Help with Blood Blister prevention

Blood blister prevention is using various methods to keep from getting cold sores.  A big for cold sore prevention is because you could potentially pass them onto others. Before we take a look into the different types of prevention, we should first fully understand what these blood blisters are.

What are they?

Cold sores, which are also referred to as fever blisters, are a small group of blisters on the lips and mouth. They often look red, sore, and swollen. Once in awhile the blisters will break open, and a clear fluid may leak out. After this happens you will notice a scab take its place. Blood blisters are caused by the herpes simplex virus. The blisters of cold sores can be very painful. That is why it is important to try to find methods of cold sore prevention.


You may think the symptoms of blisters are black and white, but that is not really the case. With cold sore prevention you can help to eliminate some or all of the following symptoms:

  • Pain near the mouth and on the lips
  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Swollen glands
  • Pain in the infected area

Cold sore prevention

There are many different things that you can try for the prevention.  Cold sore prevention will not only help you from getting blood blisters, but also from passing them on.

  • Lip BalmsTry keeping your lips moisturized. By doing this you be providing protection from developing cold sores.
  • Avoid kissing while you have blisters presentWhen blisters are present, the virus can spread to another person.
  • Do not share items Items such as towels, lip balm; utensils can spread the virus when you have blisters.
  • Keep hands clean Make sure to wash your hands, and avoid touching another person as best you can.
  • Do not touch other parts of your body The genitals and eyes are very susceptible to getting the virus.
  • Avoid triggers Make sure to notate what triggers help to make cold sores worse for you so you can avoid them in the future.
  • Use sun block Make sure you put sun block on your lips and face before going out in the sun.

In addition to cold sore prevention there are many methods of treatment for cold sores. They include:

  • Ointments- ointments like lidocaine or Zilactin help to ease the pain of cold sores.
  • OTC Pain reliever- This can be aspirin, acetaminophen, and Ibuprofen. They will also help to relieve the pain of cold sores.
  • Cold and heat- If applied to the blisters, it may relieve some pain and discomfort.
  • Leave it alone- Make sure not to touch, squeeze or pick at it. If you leave it alone it will eventually heal.
  • Oral antiviral medications- Medications such as Zoivirax, Famvir, Valtrex

Before speaking with your doctor about the prevention and treatment, it is important to write down all your symptoms. These will help your doctor determine what the right method of treatment and prevention is. Preventing blisters is not always that easy. But by following the steps listed above, and having a good knowledge of blisters you can do it. Cold sore prevention is best when you understand what you are doing. There is no easy win to cold sore prevention, it takes time and energy, but it is well worth it.

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Certain Facts on Effective Snoring Aids

Snoring is an irritating sleeping disorder, which troubles the one who has it as well as others who are beside him/her while asleep. Many people receive this symptom without any concern; many think that it is light and will not be on an extreme note. However, continuous and severe snoring often develops sleep apnea. Therefore, it better for the snorer to opt for effective snoring aids from the very beginning, so that he/she can prevent sleep apnea, improve his/her quality of sleep. In fact, a snorer has lack of oxygen inhalation in his/her body while snoring during sleep, but oxygen is much required for a person, while being asleep. Therefore, certain notices follow the necessity of curing snoring disorder.

Several effective snoring aids

Behavioral modification is one of the most prominent snoring aids. Doctors often insist snorer to stop consuming sedatives. Sedatives have a bad effect on throat tissues, which may collapse airways. Anti snoring devices are also available, which are set to bring the lower jaw forward, and thus open the airway.  There are several types of anti snoring devices available; you will have to specify your troubles to an expert, so that you can be prescribed an effective device, suitable to your requirements for regular use.

The main theme lies in clearing out blockages from breathing passageways. The snorers are insisted to shed of few pounds, so that fat does not occupy the throat tissues.  There are medications available to avoid snoring while being asleep. Certain nasal sprays, nasal strips and nasal clips are also used to relive the person from snoring disorder. Sometimes, the patient is also insisted to sleep on his/her side, so that the tongue does not fall back over the throat tissues.

While a person possess severe snoring trouble, he/she should be brought to immediate attention. This disorder to should not be allowed to continue for long, as in that case, sleep apnea may develop. Therefore, if you confront severe snoring, then you should seek help of an expert to relive you out of this. You try out the snoring treatments as prescribed by your doctor. All of these aids or modes of treatments are not equivalently active on all snorers, it quite depends on the state of snoring, the type of snoring and certain other factors, through which the patient can be prescribed certain appropriate modes of treatment or cure methodologies.

You, should undertake the effective snoring treatments and cure methodologies in case, you want to have sound sleep. This is not only about having a sound sleep, but also promoting the necessary amount of oxygen in your body, while your body is at rest. Snoring develops from blockage in air passageways, which may lead to severity from being mild. Therefore, a heavy snorer should opt for appropriate modes of treatment, in order to be relived out of this disorder, and also others associated with it.   Ask an expert about the treatment and cure methodologies of snoring, so that you can be prescribed some effective ones amongst them.

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What If There Is No “Out There” Out There?

Pretend for a moment that all your life you’ve been in a theater, shackled to your seat. A screen surrounds you, playing movies 24/7.

Problem is, the movies aren’t always fun, and they’re almost never your personal selection.

One day, out of frustration, you try to get out of your seat. To your shock, you weren’t locked in at all!

You get up and move to the back of the theater. Many object. Your family is there, for example, and they are concerned that you are leaving the safety of your seat. But you continue.

In the back others are milling around, trying to figure out how to get away from the movies- but because they haven’t actually LEFT the theater, they can’t escape.

However you see a door that says “ Library”, and enter.

And begin to learn about the true nature of reality.

You discover that the physical universe is not real.

Instead “real “ is simply electrical frequencies interpreted by our brains. These frequencies are coming from an electrical field which surrounds us.

And your adventure begins.

There is a free eBook, also available in audio, which takes us through this adventure. It demonstrates that our human brain is in fact a receiver that creates our reality depending upon the frequency in the field around it.

Of course I’m all over this book because that’s what I do- send frequency information to the field of those who request it.

The biggest obstacle is that people keep saying “How can this possibly work?” (They sometimes keep saying this even after it has helped them create HUGE shifts in their lives)

And it is hard to explain. The best way to understand is to look at the way a computer works- magnify it’s power a kazillion times- and realize that’s how we operate.

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Is It Time To Change Your Petri Dish?

In Biology of Belief, by Dr. Bruce Lipson, we learn that our body is a community of cells. In each cell is a series of software programs, referred to as DNA. (Remember, we operate much like personal computers.)

For a long time science thought these programs/DNA were primarily controlled by genetics. In other words, our heredity called most of the shots.

Now they realize that isn’t true. Our life programs are primarily controlled by our environment.

They discovered this by doing a variety of experiments where they put cells in petri dishes filled with various substances. The cells always created what was in the dish, regardless of pre-existing coding.

Our petri dish is the infinite energy field that surrounds us.

Before the experiments Dr. Lipton says he was an agnostic. But he came to believe in the power of God because of what he learned about this field energy.

Do you get the significance of all this?

We are not victims. We are the master and controller of our environment.  That’s how we were created.

You can manage your environment to create life as you desire it to be.

But still, it’s not easy. Most of mankind doesn’t understand that we can re-write our programs.

In fact one pre-set program we all have is a resistance to even investigating anything that could re-write our code.

I’m hoping you will override that and start to work on the coding that hasn’t worked for you. There are many ways to do this.

The Life Force Prosperity program is one.

Another is EFT.

Here’s an EFT technique to help re-write your prosperity program. Give it at least a week, if you seriously want to make some changes.

This one is done by Brad Yates.  I like it because he reminds us of the abundance in the energy field which surrounds us.

If you don’t like this particular example, go to, type in EFT, and choose another.

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FDA USA Wants Us All to Pay

I was thinking about something today.

Let’s say you have a big roll of sausage. More sausage than you could ever want. You’re not even all that crazy about sausage. Someone comes along and takes a sliver without your permission.

You let them have it. After all, who’s going to get upset over a sliver of sausage? But people keep coming, taking more slivers.

Still, it’s in such small amounts that it isn’t worth fighting over.

Finally you’re left with just one small sliver to call your own. At that point someone takes that also, and of course that small sliver definitely isn’t worth fighting over.

But then you’re left with nothing.

That’s what’s happening with our supplements.

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And We Have Territory War Because?

Observe your response as you watch this video, and try to figure out why something like this young man has been through can happen on our planet.

It isn’t being orchestrated by the masses. Our natural instinct is to love. It’s a human trait. Did you cry during this video?

And yet our leaders create these territory war conflicts. Why?

And why don’t we stop it? We have the ability to make changes if we work together.

After all, we can do 8,000 tweets a minute about Beyonce being pregnant.

But can we email our congressmen and express our outrage over things that happen in our country and in this world?

Did anybody email their representatives about the FDA food labeling proposal? The link was in an earlier post, just takes a few clicks!

We have tremendous power, but perhaps we have drained it by doing foolish, energy consuming things. We watch our favorite shows, escape with music,food, and drink, or go into a dreamworld with books (my personal favorite).

But here’s our hope.  No matter what, for some people, the human spirit cannot be destroyed.

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