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How to Make Fluffy Rice Pilaf Biryani Basmati Long Grain Aromatic Rice

Rice is a staple food for a lot of communities across the globe. It is therefore no surprise that it is cooked in a lot of different ways. White, plain rice, Pilaf, Biryani and so forth. But the most liked version is the plain white rice that is fluffy and aromatic. That looks good on the table when served with some fancy dishes. Now, to accomplish this one has to also understand the variety of rice available out there. There is rice from all over the world, available for us to enjoy. From very aromatic Basmati variety to simple long grain, from brown rice variety to cracked, halved rice (this is mainly used for puddings). So choose the rice that you want based on what it will be served with.

Your own experience of cooking a few times will teach you what to adjust based on the variety of rice you are using. The general rice to water ratio is 1:2. One part rice and two parts water. Works 99% of the times. Rice does really well when soaked for 10-15 minutes before cooking. For soaked rice the ratio shifts a bit to 1:1 and3/4, that is a little less water is required then. So wash the rice thoroughly to remove any talc or other polish/coating from it. Soak it in cool tap water for 15 minutes, time permitting. It is not mandatory. Then there are two ways to cook it now.

First is simple. Put rice and the water in a rice cooker and let it cook. Once cooked, insert a fork dipped (coated) in olive oil or any cooking oil through the edges in 3-4 places to remove excess steam. Cover and serve.

Second, and my all time favorite way is the pressure cooker way. Reduces time to one fourth. Put the rice and the water and pressure cook it for 5 minutes. Turn off the heat and let stand till the steam dissipates. Open, and fluff with an oil coated fork the same way as above. Unmistakably the best results ever.

Third, a more conventional way is in a deep pot. Pot should be heavy to medium weight bottom. Bring water and rice to a quick boil. Then simmer it for fifteen minutes. Once done and liquid all absorbed turn off the heat, fluff with a fork and cover. Let stand for a few minutes. Serve with love!


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