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Is it really Worth it to Buy Organic

Organic foods are nothing new on the food market. Since ancient times man has been consuming organic products. It is only in recent times that cheaper, less quality items, have become available. Saving money by purchasing these products often attracts even the healthiest fanatics. However, the benefits of quality in manufacturing is what makes purchasing organic products worthwhile.

The modern world has changed palate appreciation from the strong aromatic organic flavours into sugary, destructive, addictive substitutes. Organic foods have very little sugar, salt and fat additives to preserve the food, so you can be assured it is fresh. Making the change to organic is like pampering your body on the inside. The taste is better, your digestive ability is greater, the food is fresher and your body gains more nutrition from less consumption. Most cancer victims who survive have changed their lifestyle to organic and natural.

The cost of organics eventually balances itself out. Most organic items are not that expensive in comparison to high quality processed and preserved products. Often the organic variety requires less amounts of the product to do the same as a processed variety.

The creation of cheap substitute sweeteners and artificial flavor enhancers drastically reduced the price of processed foods. The extra pricing of organic ingredients simply encompasses the added cost of growing and manufacturing top quality natural ingredients. The trend in post war periods in purchasing was to sway to the cheaper product. This has ensured organic foodstuffs have kept their prices fairly low in competition. If you have ever baked an organic cake the end price is quite competitive with the price of the processed, mass produced product.

When you buy organic foods all the time, you will eat less because of the added nutritional value and lose weight. You are not consuming toxic, destructive ingredients that make you feel tired and slow, the body naturally rejects these additives. Ten packets of no name brand chips compared to one home cooked organic pasta; it does not even begin to compare nutritionally. Your body needs additional nutrition, not to crave artificial sweetness.

Ultimately the choice is up to you. There are many natural, non-organic alternatives. Organic is the next step in the natural, healthy alternative lifestyle. If you value your body and respect the risks farmers are taking to produce the higher cost organic products, it’s worth the few extra cents per product. If you can afford it, DO IT ! You will notice the difference.

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