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Death Rattle before Dying?

The term death rattle is the medical terminology for what happens as a person is dying. The sound comes from the throat because the saliva is accumulating in it due to their inability to swallow. As the air moves through the throat, it disturbs the collected saliva, causing the death rattle. However, the death rattle can also be caused by someone choking or brain injuries that are interfering with the swallowing reflex. There are treatments that can stop or reduce the death rattle, depending on the cause.



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Why do you hear a death rattle just before people die?

Death rattle is a gurgling or rattling sound sometimes made in the throat of a dying person, caused by loss of the cough reflex and passage of the breath through accumulating mucus….more

How long after death rattle starts would a person die?

If your a Christian no Longer than 4 minutes,but if you are a non christian it could last 24 hours or more….more

How long do you have the death rattle before death?

It depends on other symptoms the patient might be experiencing….more

what if a primary beneficiary dies before payout but after the death of the owner?

First and foremost, what happens to a person’s assets after death depends on the outcomes he planned for while he was still alive. A forethinking estate planner won’t just designate…more

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Why Would a Dog’s Hind Legs Collapse?

Why would a dog’s hind legs collapse? If a dog’s hind legs are collapsing, it is an indication that the dog is ill and in distress. A dog who’s hind leg collapse indicate that the dog is too weak to support his body weight or he has a problem with his legs. Take him to a Vet ASAP to ensure the health and recover of the dog.


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Why would a dog’s hind legs collapse?

The dog could have possible nerve damage in its lower spine. Only a qualified veterinarian can make a definitive diagnosis….more

What is muscle wastage in 19 year old dog back legs collapse?

This can be caused by hip dysplasia in many of the larger bred dogs. Usually low slung back ends on a particular breed of dog such as a German Shepherd, Collie dogs, Border collies,…more

Why did i collapse and lose feeling in my legs for two minutes?

It happened to mee too. I want to know why this happened? I could’t move my legs for seconds while I was in the middle of dancing….more

where is the pressure point that makes your leg collapse?

Pressure point is between the muscles on the side of the…more

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