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DEA Numbers for Physicians?

The DEA number for physicians is 800-882-9539. Questions concerning registration with the DEA can be sent to This number is for physicians that want to register and get a license to prescribe controlled substances. The DEA is the only way to get a license to prescribe the controlled substances. Along with a DEA license, or certificate, one is also needed from the same state that the physician will be practicing medicine. The acronym DEA stands for the Drug Enforcement Agency.


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how to find out a physician’s dea number?

1. Look for the DEA number on the bottom of a prescription dispensed by your physician. 2. Call your physician’s office and ask the billing department for the DEA number. They can…more

how to look up a physician’s dea number?

1. Look for the DEA number on the bottom of the prescription that the physician gave you. The number is sometimes printed there. 2. Contact your physician’s office to learn the DEA …more

What is a Dea Number?

A DEA number is the Drug Enforcement Administration bar code number. This number can be used to identified different medication and where they have been distributed….more

how to obtain a dea number?

1. Fulfill all requirements for DEA registration as set forth by your state. Requirements vary by state, but a common requirement is to have a state-issued practitioner’s license….more

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Common Symptoms of Underactive Thyroid?

Underactive thyroid is an ailment affecting the thyroid glands that causes reduced levels of hormones in the blood. Some of the common symptoms of underactive thyroid are: fatigue, sudden weight gain, dry scaly skin, depression muscle cramps and irregular monthly periods.


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how to identify symptoms of an underactive thyroid?

1. Pay attention to sensations of cold in the hands and feet that may occur in all types of weather. The sensations may be mild or severe and may affect either the hands, the feet…more

what are the signs & symptoms of underactive thyroid disease?

Hypothyroidism can cause weight gain or the inability to lose weight. Cold intolerance or feeling cold in moderate climates is a symptom of metabolic difficulty. The skin may be pale…more

what are the signs & symptoms of an underactive thyroid in children?

People (including children) who have hypothyroidism may experience fatigue, sluggishness, constipation, weight gain, sensitivity to cold, hoarse voice, muscle weakness, puffiness …more

what is symptoms of an underactive thyroid?

Hypothyroidism symptoms can include fatigue, sluggishness, increase…more

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Common Diseases Caused by Bacteria?

Cholera is a common disease caused by bacteria. It affects the intestine and can cause a number of issues and symptoms including diarrhea. Rheumatic Fever is another disease that can be caused by bacteria. This condition affects the throat first but can then spread to the rest of the body if untreated. Other common diseases caused by bacteria include anthrax, bacterial vaginosis, and botulism. Meningococcal disease, all types of meningitis, and a salmonella infection are more types of diseases that can be cause by bacteria.


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What are common diseases caused bacteria?

strep throat and scarlet fever….more

What Diseases are Caused By Bacteria?

There are several diseases caused by bacteria. They are tuberculous, bubonic plaque, pertussis or whooping cough, and cholera. Bacteria breaks down the immune system….more

How do Bacteria Cause Disease?

Not all bacteria causes disease. The ones that do cause disease do so because they have either multiplied into numbers greater than the normal flora of a given area, or they have …more

How does Bacteria Cause Disease?

Pathogenic bacteria can cause disease in the body through infection.It causes disease by producing structures that enable them to attack the cell directly, or by producing one or …more

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