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Definition of Third Space Syndrome?

Third space syndrome is a process that involves moving of fluids from a vascular space to the interstitial space. This technique primarily occurs in extensive surgical procedures. It is used in treatment of septic shocks.


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What is third space syndrome?

Third space syndrome involves a shifting of fluid from the vascular space to the interstitial space that primarily occurs secondary to extensive surgical procedures, biologic therapy…more

What is medical definition of Third Spacing ?

A popular verb for haemorrhage or other accumulation of fluids into the so-called 3rd space or physiologic compartment, the interstitial space between the skin and fascia that isn…more

What is medical definition of Space Adaptation Syndrome ?

The constellation of effects of space travel on human physiology, especially motion sickness; prolonged space flight is associated with osteoporosis, disuse muscle atrophy, growth…more

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What is a Control Freak?

A control freak is a person who makes an effort of making orders on how everything around them is supposed to be done, control freaks are usually perfectionists and always put pressure on other people. Control freak psychology indicates that a particular psychological imbalance existing a person’s psyche.


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What is a Control Freak?

A control freak is someone that has an extreme, or sometimes, excessive need to control every little thing. It can be pretty annoying, and frustrating to deal with someone like that…more

What’s the psychology of the control freak?

Type 1 Control Freaks: The Type 1 control freak is strictly attempting to cope with their anxiety in a self absorbed way. They just want to feel better and are not even very aware…more

how to deal with a control freak?

1. Remain calm. Understand that a control freak creates tension for others. When he becomes agitated, stay calm and focused with a comfortable distance to keep yourself centered as …more

how to control the control freak?

1. Take the control away. Do not allow them to see that you care. Sometimes the controller lies to gain control flow of a relationship. They may take a truth and stretch it to fit…more

how to date a control freak?

1. Be calm when your control freak starts to get angry or anxious about something. When you rise to his anger level and get into a heated argument, you feed his anxiety and freakishness…more

how to live with a control freak?

1. Recognize that the control freak is riddled with anxiety. Deep down, she knows she can’t control the future so she tries to control the people in her life, thinking she can create…more

how to be less of a control freak?

1. Learn to recognize the thoughts that lead to your controlling behaviors. For example, thoughts such as, "Susie won’t do this as well as I do," or "If I don’t take …more

How to : Handle A – “CONTROL FREAK.”

Our daughter and her husband live in the central valley of CA. He’s in his 9th year as a prison guard at a dangerous place where you can get a vein opened just by smiling. My wife…more

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Definition of Metabolic Function?

Metabolic function are the processes necessary for the maintenance of a living organism. They are the chemical processes in an organism where material substance is produced, maintained, and destroyed.


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What is the Definition of Metabolism?

Some substances are broken down for energy for vital processes while others are synthesized for necessities of life. This is called Metabolism. It is a chemical process necessary …more

What is the Definition of a Math Function?

The definition of a math function is a rule that assigns to each value of one variable a single value of another variable. For example f(x): 1 2 3 4 the function is x and the domain…more

What is the Definition of a Function?

A function is a mathematical term that defines the values of a given set with another element. Also, a function can be what something is used for….more

What Is the Definition of a Functional Resume?

You are probably most familiar with the reverse chronological resume. This traditional format lists all employment and eduction, beginning with the most recent and working backwards…more

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