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Why Do Women Have Abdominal Cramps after a Period?

Abdominal cramps after a period are rather common. The cramping is simply a side effect of menstruation. Some women experience the cramping before, during, or after her cycle. Some women are unlucky enough to have them throughout the full cycle process.


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why do women have abdominal cramps after a period?

The female fertility cycle averages about 28 days and during this time a woman menstruates, ovulates and, if needed, begins nourishing a fertilized egg. During this cycle, several…more

how to get pregnant the day after a period ends?

1. Make sure you are ready to have children. Although having your period generally indicates that you haven’t become pregnant, you can become pregnant at any time. This means that…more

Why are you cramping after a period?

Answer This is most likely post period PMS cramping. Your Uterus can continue to contract and cause cramping for a few days after your period. This is normal….more

how do i heal acne after the end of a period?

1. Use acne facial washes and astringents to clean and tighten pores. Bacteria entering pores can trigger a breakout. Facial cleansers and medications made specifically for acne reduce…more

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Describe the Structure and Function of the Nephron?

A nephron, otherwise know as the uriniferous tubule, is the basic structural and functional unit of our kidneys. It’s structure consists of a twisted tubule which is shut in one end yet open at another, with various associated blood vessels. The main function of a nephron is to filter blood, reabsorbing what is needed and eliminating the unnecessary as urine.


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What is the structure and function of the nephron?

The nephron is the functional unit of the kidney, responsible for the actual purification and filtration of the blood. About one million nephrons are in the cortex of each kidney,…more

how does the structure of a nephron in a kidney relate to it’s function?

Renal physiology is the study of kidney…more

how does the structure of a nephron relate to its function?

Would you like to know about a specific segment of the nep….more

how does the structure of the nephron relate to the function of the kidney?

Nephron is the basic structural and…more

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Definition of Vaginal Rugae?

The term ‘vaginal rugae’ refers to the transverse ridges in the mucous membrane of the vagina. If you break down that phrase, ‘rugae’ alone simply means a fold, crease or wrinkle. It is often used to describe anatomical ridges or folds, as in parts of muscles or organs.



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What is the definition of rugae?

A wrinkle, fold, or ridge….more

what is the definition of the palatine rugae?

Palatine Rugae is a term used in dentistry. It is defined as – the numer….more

What percentage of women have vaginal rugae?

Generally, the only time the vaginal canal is relatively smooth in texture (lacking…more

What is the definition of vaginal discharge?

It is a syndrome where women present with an abnormal discharge. It can…more

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