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How to Cure Hives?

Hives can be treated or cured by the use of antihistamines. It is also highly recommended to avoid the allergen that caused the hives and lowering stress levels.



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How to Cure Hives?

Hives are caused by an allergic reaction to something in your environment. The only cure for them is o not come in contact with these substances. If you do find yourself with hives …more

how to cure urticaria hives?

1. Place a cold compress on the affected area. The cold numbs the itching and burning sensations associated with hives. If the compress is frozen, rinse it under running water for…more

how to cure hives with diet?

Hives that occur frequently or linger for months or even years are called chronic urticaria. Treating this condition can be a dodgy proposition. Oral antihistamines may reduce itching…more

what cures hives?

Over-the-counter oral antihistamines help bring relief to hives. However, they may cause drowsiness. Hives tend to be worse at night so the drowsiness may help you ignore the itching…more

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Difference between Apical and Radial Pulse?

The difference between the apical pulse and radial pulse is the location the heart rate is taken. The apical pulse is found by listening to the chest with a stethoscope. The radial pulse is determined by palpating the artery at the wrist. The location is below the thumb on either wrist.


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What is the difference between apical pulse and radial pulse?

The apical pulse is taken when the patient is lying or sitting. A stethoscope is used to listen to the heart and placed at the 5th intercostal space (between ribs on left side of …more

What is the difference between the apical pulse and the radial pulse called?

The Pulse Deficit…more

what is the difference between apical and radial pulse rate called?

The apical pulse is your heart rate when counted…more

When would an apical pulse be less then radial pulse?

Apical pulse will never be less than the radial pulse. A radial pulse rate less than the apical rate is an example of a pulse deficit, and can be the result of a heart murmur, but…more

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Cure for Swimmer’s Ear?

Cure for a swimmer’s ear can be done by bathing it with warm vinegar solution. If itching occurs, use of eardrops can be used, while for pain a washcloth that is warm can be put against the ear to make it feel better

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How to Cure Swimmer’s Ear

1 Anytime you swim or take a bath or shower, make sure you dry your ears. You could blow dry them and that would help prevent you getting swimmer’s ear. 2 Look in the store for any …more

how to prevent and cure swimmers ear?

1. Do not clean all of the earwax out of your ears. They need some for protection. 2. Use Vaseline to keep your ears moist if they are too clean. Put some on a cotton swab and gently…more

how to cure or prevent swimmer’s ear painlessly?

1. Confirm with your doctor that this is an outer ear infection or swimmer’s ear. This will not work with inner ear infections. 2. Use blow dryer with a medium to cool setting. 3….more

how to cure swimmer’s ear for under $5?

1. Mix equal parts of the vinegar and alcohol together. You can store this mixture in a small bottle (no need to refrigerate) or just mix enough to fill the dropper. Make sure the…more

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