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Most Effective Dry Cough Remedies

One of the most common reasons that people go to their physician is due to a dry cough; cough is not actually a condition but the symptom of a condition and it can be particularly annoying because it is a symptom that can linger on long after a cold (which is its most common cause) is long gone.  If you are suffering from a dry cough, which is defined as a cough that is non-productive and does not bring up any mucus or other secretions, there are several good remedies available, ranging from strong narcotics that require a prescription to strange home remedies that can be found in your kitchen pantry.

The strongest traditional medication available as a dry cough remedy is codeine – this is a prescription narcotic that actually blocks the body’s cough reflex. Because the cough is the body’s natural way of expelling something that doesn’t belong in the airway, it is important to make sure that there is no serious illness present that the use of codeine would mask.  Another popular cough suppressant is dextromethorphan, which is a common ingredient in over the counter cough and cold medications that can be purchased at any pharmacy.

Other cough remedies that can be purchased at the local drug store or supermarket are cough lozenges or cough drops. The medication that they contain is very mild, and the real benefit of these is similar to consuming any kind of candy; it soothes and coats the throat, and stimulates saliva so that the throat is also less dry.  Hot tea with a spoonful of honey is also very helpful at relieving a tickle in the throat that results in a dry cough; it is also very soothing.

Many people are fans of home remedies, some of which may sound strange but are reputed to be effective.   Turmeric is an herb that has natural antiseptic properties, and is said to calm the cough, especially if combined with a spoonful of honey.  Many of the home remedies involve honey, including drinking grape juice with honey, fresh ginger with honey, and soaking almonds overnight in water, then grinding them and mixing them with honey.  Some of the stranger home remedies are sucking on black peppercorns and gargling with spinach juice. Many physicians actually recommend a gargle of warm water with salt to hydrate the throat and eliminate a dry cough.


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The Biore Skincare Challenge.

Need to get your skin under control? Do you have a few weeks? Then take the Biore Skincare Challenge.

Bioré® skincare challenges you to put your skin to the test with a two-week Bioré® skincare regimen. It’s easy: just choose the right challenge for you, use the products for two weeks, and sit back and relax while Bioré® skincare does the hard part. Seven out of ten women saw healthy skin in less than two weeks when using one of the Bioré® skincare regimens—take the challenge and see for yourself.

“Different complexions have different skincare needs,” says dermatologist Dr. Diane Berson. “But consistent care with the right combination of products can radically improve the health of most skin types. I recommend Pore Unclogging Challenge for those with blackheads and buildup. The Breakout Challenge is ideal for those with sensitive skin prone to blemishes and irritation.”

THE PORE UNCLOGGING CHALLENGE—This duo of the Pore Unclogging Scrub and Deep Cleansing Pore Strips removes weeks of buildup in just 10 minutes to give you healthy looking skin .

1. Bioré® Pore Unclogging Scrub– More effective than the leading scrub, without damaging your skin
What It Does: It Unclogs pores; lifts away dirt and oil; prevents blackheads and breakouts from forming, This soap-free, creamy pearlized formula contains microbeads that won’t damage skin making it safe enough to use every day
How It Does It: Via salicylic acid and exfoliating microbeads.
How To Use It: Wet face and neck. Massage into skin. Rinse thoroughly.

2. Bioré® Deep Cleansing Pore Strips– Cleans weeks of dirt build up in just 10 minutes
What They Do: Instantly remove pore-clogging dirt, oil and blackheads from the surface of skin.
How They Do It: Via a patented system that attracts and literally pulls out dirt and debris, leaving pores clean. How To Use Them: After washing face, thoroughly wet nose. Peel the plastic liner off the back of the strip and apply the strip to the nose area, smooth side down. Let the strip dry for 10-15 minutes, then slowly and carefully peel off the strip, starting at the edges.

THE BREAKOUT CHALLENGE—This duo of the Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser combined with the Triple Action Astringent will remove 99% of dirt to reveal healthy looking skin.

1. Bioré® Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser– Removes over 99% of dirt and oil
What It Does: Fights blemishes, cleanses pores, imparts a cool, refreshing feeling on contact.
How It Does It: With 2% salicylic acid to fight blemishes; natural lavender and eucalyptus known to soothe and purify; menthol to cool skin.
How To Use It: Wet face. Pump into hands and work into lather. Massage over entire face. Rinse thoroughly.

2. Bioré® Triple Action Astringent– Less drying than the leading astringent, but just as effective
What It Does: Removes dirt and makeup that can be left behind even after cleansing; reduces surface shine; tightens pores by unclogging oil and debris, fights blackheads and acne; provides skin with a pleasant tingle.
How It Does It: With a blend of refreshing witch hazel; cooling menthol; and 2% salicylic acid to fight blemishes.
How To Use It: Cleanse skin thoroughly before applying with cotton ball or pad, patting gently over face and neck. To prevent over-drying, begin with one application daily, then gradually increase to two or three times daily if needed.

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What is An 627 Pill

The question is simple and you can know the medication with printed AN 627 is 50mg Tramadol.

If you suffer from extreme daily pain, you can now get relief and buy 00 79 cheap Tramadol online. 50mg Tramadol prescriptions are available right online and it only takes a few minutes. To get your prescription for Tramadol 50mg online, you simply need to fill out a few questions on the Ordering Service e form to tell them about your medical history and your current pain problems. After your prescription is written you will be able to purchase 50mg Tramadol medication at that point and then you will be one step closer to getting the treatment for your pain.

How does 50mg Tramadol work

Tramadol works two ways. First, it actually works directly on the brain and spinal cord to reduce the amount of pain felt. Second, it shrinks the size of the pain signal that is transmitted from one nerve cell to the other, so that by the time it reaches the brain, your brain registers it at a much smaller level. It may help regulate the levels of seratonin and norepinephrine in the body, hormones that regulate both mood and feeling, so that you will feel better and be able to respond to and overcome pain more efficiently. This unique combination of actions makes Ultram and its generic equivalent, Tramadol, one of the most efficient treatments for chronic pain ever developed. The Ordering Service can now deliver the welcome relief of Tramadol to your door for far less than the cost of the more expensive brand name Ultram. Because the Ordering Service generic is exactly the same medication and the Ordering Service eliminates the extra cost of a doctor’s office and fancy pharmacy, they can pass terrific savings on to you. The Ordering Service staff of licensed doctors will review your order and medical history to determine if Tramadol is right for you. If it is, they will ship you order right to your door, usually within twenty-four hours. Won’t it be great to get rid of the pain and start moving again?

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Inflammation of the scratched cornea of the eye

Inflammation of the scratched cornea of the eye – a nuisance, dangerous and painful

Eye inflammation that mainly keratitis, corneal inflammation, which affected much trouble, because the eye then reacts with light sensitivity, tearing, foreign body sensation, and even blepharospasm. Only when the cornea of the eye is affected, it is really a keratitis.

The inflamed scratched cornea looks cloudy and vision can be disturbed. The ophthalmologist diagnosed with inflammation of the slit-lamp with the structures of the eye are visible. The Schirmer test gives this information about the amount of tear fluid and by a smear – biopsy – to determine the precipitating agent. Bacteria such as staphylococcus, streptococcus, viruses such as herpes and varicella, and fungi can cause corneal inflammation, HIV and diabetes mellitus may promote the disease.

According to the diagnosis of local antibiotics are used immediately or antifungal agents. In severe cases, such as a rare genetic corneal inflammation, even a corneal transplant is done to prevent the spread of inflammation, with clouding of the cornea, scarring and severe restriction of the field to.

For rapid self heard, immediately remove the lenses to use against strong sensitivity to light a pair of sunglasses and quickly obtain a medical diagnosis. All agents must be addressed locally in the eye with drugs, otherwise the delicate stroma of the eye suffers damage and may lead to an ulcer – ulcer serpens – with irreparable damage.

The immune system is to examine each case and to strengthen it. In a less common pseudomonad infection can penetrate the cornea, and it must be made within 48 hours of emergency surgery to prevent perforation of the cornea with subsequent blindness.

The ophthalmologist prescribed normally without waiting for the determination of an immediate broad-spectrum antibiotic agents such as neomycin, gentamicin, polymyxin, or something similar. If the anterior chamber of the eye to be affected, we have to prevent a secondary glaucoma. Then, eye drops are necessary for the dilation of the pupil. In a frequently occurring herpes simplex corneae the lids are red and sometimes it comes to conjunctivitis, which only after repeated occurrence of herpes degenerates into a scratched corneal inflammation. Virenhemmende ointments, such as Zovirax ointment or Trifluman are helpful. In case of repeated occurrence of the general health and the immune system must be checked.

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Eye Stye Treatment: An Overview

Eye stye is an infection of hair follicles present in the eyelash. It resembles a sore that is similar to a pimple or a boil. They affect the gland situated at the eyelid’s edge. The hair follicles are subsequently blocked. In addition, the hair follicles swell and cause pain when touched. An eye stye manifests itself when staphylococcal bacteria cause infection in the tiny glands that are located at the eyelid hairs base. The gland becomes subsequently inflamed. A bacterium is easily transferred across hair shafts while rubbing the eye in order to get rid of itching.

Generally a stye does not hamper vision. Some of the most common sign and symptoms include eye pain, discomfort while blinking, eyelid swelling, and blurring of the vision. There may be increased sensitivity to light. The eyelids may become red and form tears. In majority of the cases, a small pimple manifests itself. The development of an eye stye lasts for three to seven days. Eye styes tend to get filled with pus. They burst on their own when the infection subsides. Swelling and pain reduce with the relief of pressure.

The stye should not be confused with chalazion. Chalazion is a lump that is non-bacterial. It is caused by blocking of the mucous gland present under the eye.

Eye stye treatment can be performed at home. Warm compresses need to be applied for nearly 10 minutes. These compresses should be applied three to four times daily. A clean cloth should be used. This form of treatment for getting rid of a stye causes suppuration of the stye. Suppuration is the formation of a head over an infection. The heat from the compresses increases the activity of the white blood cells, which reduces infection. Doctors could prescribe antibiotic creams and drops. Individuals with recurrent styes may benefit from an antibiotic ointment.

There are umpteen home remedies for eye stye treatment:
  • Grate a potato and use it as a poultice for reduction in swelling of the inflamed eyes.
  • Slit a leaf of aloe along its length and apply the side containing the pulp to the eye.
  • Boil a cup of water containing one teaspoon of coriander seeds. Use it as a herbal tea preparation. Rinse the eyes nearly four times a day with this water.
  • Mix clove in water. Apply this water over the stye for pain relief.
  • Mix one teaspoon of turmeric in two cups of water. Heat the mixture till it reduces to half. Strain the mixture using a muslin cloth. Use the mixture as eye drops.
  • Take a glass of water. Dissolve two lumps of alum in the water. Utilize the mixture as an eyewash.
  • Guava leaves should be warmed. They should be placed on a damp cloth. When used as a compress, guava leaves reduce swelling and pain.


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