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What IS The Best and Effective Solution for Shoulder Blade Pain?

The pain in shoulder blade is a very painful and disabling condition. If you’ve already experienced missing out on the more important things in life such as spending quality time with loved ones, sports, works and other things that make life worthwhile, you have got to do something and get out from shoulder blade pain misery. But with the advancements in Orthopaedic therapy, 7 Seconds to Pain Relief has been developed and is now considered as a recommended treatment of choice for this pain.

Shoulder blade pain patients may find themselves having difficulty sleeping as they try very hard to get a position they are most comfortable with but in the end, they always fail. In the morning, they will tend to have stiff neck and of course lack of sleep. These patients can have depression and other psychological disorders in if this shoulder blade pain continues.

What Is The Cause

Most of the time shoulder blade pain is caused by problems of the neck. The nerve roots located in the neck are compressed causing the pain. Usually, a shoulder blade pain is accompanied by pain in the neck and the upper back. The pain in the neck is referred to the inside of the shoulder blade or the scapula near the spine. The nerves found in the neck, especially in its lower region are also connected with nerves found in the shoulder blade.  To diagnose pain between shoulder blades, the doctors will need to order x-ray or an MRI of the neck to make sure that the pain does not arise from the shoulder blade.

The Best Solution

When the pain in or between the should blade is finally diagnosed, many treatment plans are then presented. However, with the recent advancement of technology and research with the understanding of the cause of pain under shoulder blade, modifications have been made to make it more effective. Roy Palmer’s program presents these new techniques that are sure to give relief for your pain in a matter of seconds. The author is an expert in shoulder blade pain and has helped thousands of people for twelve years.

Palmer emphasizes that the pain is caused by the incorrect use of the muscles. While many therapists employ exercises for treatment, it does not usually work because it is not the root cause. It is the misuse of the muscles of the neck and shoulders that caused the weakness of the muscles, thus compression of the nerve roots leading to shoulder pain.

Traditional treatment includes administration of pain relievers, physical therapy and cortisone which offer only a slight and temporary relief. 7 Seconds to Pain Relief presents 7 simple steps which can be done in just seven seconds. No more long hours of going to physical therapy sessions which cost hundreds of dollars. There is no need to buy equipments or any medications for that matter get relief from your pain. The exercises were designed to be done anywhere and anytime. It offers immediate relief and if the program is completed, back pain between shoulder blades will be gone forever.

Shoulder blade pain can take away so much of your life. With Palmer’s 7 Seconds to Pain Relief, it will only take seconds to finally get back to your life by getting relief from your shoulder blade pain.

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