Episode 13

Seth’s out this week, so Carrie’s joining us for Episode 13!

Intro music: De-Evolving by Jonathan Coulton

The BSU Freethought Alliance is hosting a Darwin Day celebration next Saturday (Feb 7th). You should come check it out!

We take a quick look at Crunchbang Linux, an awesome high performance Ubuntu based Linux distribution. It’s pretty awesome.

—- News —-

The Mozilla foundation has donated $100,000 to the Wikimedia foundation to promote the development of the open source ogg media codecs, Vorbis and Theora. Looks like a great contribution to promote open web standards.

Speaking of open standards, the Obama administration has asked former Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy to prepare a paper on the benefits of adopting open source software for government IT.

The new Internet-based University of the People, set to open in April, plans to offer college degrees to any English speaker with an Internet connection.

A high school student in the UK has withdrawn from school in protest of the school’s placement of CCTV cameras in the bathrooms. Creepy.

Western Digital announces new two terabyte green power hard drives. That’s huge! Hopefully people will have better luck with these than they did with Seagate’s 1.5 terabyte drives.

Ad Hominem of the Week

The Bay City, Michigan municipal power company caused a 93-year-old man to freeze to death when they started limiting his electricity due to outstanding bills. Good game, assholes.

That’s it for this week. Send us your questions, comments and feedback to show@falsedichotomies.org

Outro music: A Talk With George by Jonathan Coulton

See you next time!

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