Crowded Teeth?

Crowded teeth refer to a condition that is associated with lack of enough space within the jaw cavity to enable the teeth to grow normally. This can lead to infection of the gum because the teeth are in most cases not cleaned well. Medical attention is therefore advised to correct the arrangement of the teeth.


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What can be done to correct crowded crooked adult teeth?

I would go to a dentist for help on that one…more

how to stop teeth crowding?

Dental problems that grow irregularly make us suffer. With growing teeth irregular, automatic lot tartar and cause bad breath. My wife also ever experienced this. She went to Orthodontist…more

What causes crowded teeth?

In general crooked teeth come from the jaw size being too small for the size of the teeth. For example if you inherited a small jaw from your mother and big teeth from your father…more

Crowded teeth, how are they fixed?

Braces Braces are devices used by orthodontists to straighten teeth. How can braces help? Braces can help with a vast range of dental problems, including: * Overcrowded teeth * Gaps…more

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