Did AXL Rose Get Plastic Surgery?

AXL Rose got plastic surgery and ended up with a completely different face. The middle aged rock star however had problems related to the surgery. He has since confirmed claims about his surgery after along silence.

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what plastic surgery did axl rose do?

Botox. Face lift. Collagen. And many others. Source(s): *wants the young, hot Axl Rose back* :(….more

why did axl rose get dreadlocks and plastic surgery?

I KNOW! im sorry but they really look bad on him! and now he looks totally different! he was sooooo Hot back in the day but i guess as they get older… all i can say is that its …more

What kind of plastic surgery do you think AXl Rose had?

I don’t know, but he looks awful….more

Why do people say axl rose has had plastic surgery?

no just wen he dreads his hair back, it pulls his face and everyone says he’s got botox!…more

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