Did Jared the Subway Guy Die?

Rumors have been flying that Jared Fogle, the spokesperson for Subway, died. This is not true, according to most sources. On September 11, 2012, he talked to students in Grand Rapids, MI about his healthy, and previously unhealthy, eating habits.


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what did jared the subway guy die from?

Jared Fogel of the Subway fame is not dead. This is a rumor that was started…more

when did jared the subway guy die?

No, Jared Fogle is still alive. He is known for his significant weight loss,…more

where is jared the subway guy from?

Jared the subway guy’s hometown is Indianapolis, Indiana ChaCha on!…more

How much weight did Jared the Subway guy lose?

He lost 245 pounds, through a combination of diet and exercise. The diet consisted of a 6 inch sandwich for lunch and a 12 inch for dinner, no cheese or mayo. It is claimed that the…more

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