Difference between Apical and Radial Pulse?

The difference between the apical pulse and radial pulse is the location the heart rate is taken. The apical pulse is found by listening to the chest with a stethoscope. The radial pulse is determined by palpating the artery at the wrist. The location is below the thumb on either wrist.


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What is the difference between apical pulse and radial pulse?

The apical pulse is taken when the patient is lying or sitting. A stethoscope is used to listen to the heart and placed at the 5th intercostal space (between ribs on left side of …more

What is the difference between the apical pulse and the radial pulse called?

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what is the difference between apical and radial pulse rate called?

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When would an apical pulse be less then radial pulse?

Apical pulse will never be less than the radial pulse. A radial pulse rate less than the apical rate is an example of a pulse deficit, and can be the result of a heart murmur, but…more

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