Difference between Food Infection and Intoxication?

There are a few differences between food intoxication and food infection. A food infection is caused by microorganisms growing in the body which causes symptoms and food intoxication is when a natural toxin or chemical causes symptoms. A food infection’s symptoms include diarrhea, fever and chills and stomach cramps. A food intoxication’s symptoms include vomiting and nausea.


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How is food intoxication different from food infection?

To make it simple, When it is Food Intoxication, it is the toxin that makes you ill when you ingest it. it is produced by the microorganism. on the other side, when we say Food Infection…more

What is the different of food infection in food intoxication and food spoilage?

The disease causing bacteria or the pathogens is the main cause of foodborne illness. this is classify into three:- Intoxication. Poisons in food are caused by poisons. the bacteria…more

what is the difference between a foodborne infection and food intoxication?

Toxicity is generally refered to a condition where very high doses of a drug/medicament is administered. Foodborne infection is a condition of microbiological infection due to stale…more

what is the difference between food borne infection and food borne intoxication?

Food borne infection is a condition…more

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