Difference between Legumes and Vegetables?

The main difference between vegetables and legumes is how they grow. Legumes usually grow in pods while vegetables do not.

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what is the difference between vegetables and legumes?

Legumes are a class of vegetables that include lentils, peas,…more

what’s the difference between vegetables and legumes?

Legumes are basically plants with roots that fix nitrogen from the air really well. They’re all in the same plant family Leguminosae, and include peas, beans, alfalfa and clover. …more

What is the difference between legumes and vegetables?

A legume is another name for plants of the pea family, for example peas, beans and clover – these crops fix nitrogen into the soil & usually have a pod….more

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1. Choose a type of grain or pasta that will be the main ingredient in your salad. If you want a meal with Mediterranean flair, couscous or bulgur wheat are good choices. Rice (either…more

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