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In recent years, due to the extremely rapid increase in production and consumption, packaging production companies had to keep up with this situation and improve themselves. At this point, the thoughts and ideas of the engineers have revealed Doypack bags, which we started to use frequently in recent years. The most important feature of the UK(United Kingdom) Doypack packaging is the ability to keep the freshness of the food for a long period of time thanks to the zipper at the top of the package. For example, once you open the package when you get nuts, you will have to consume the package that day. Because the next day, nuts will start to soften because of their contact with air and you will not get the taste of the nuts you eat. But Doypack bags eliminates this problem. Now many nuts production company began to sell their products with doypack packaging. In this way, customers who receive the products at the point where they do not want to eat anymore, can save their nuts for another day by zipping off the package. Thus, it is not compulsory to consume the opened package. In addition, due to the high quality and the stylish appearance of the doypack packages, the sales of the products increase.

Being the most popular packaging in recent years, doypack is now the top choice of many companies that sell products globally. It seems quite normal for companies to prefer doypack due to the fact that they present the advertisements better to customers.

The doypack packagings, which are also known as bottom gusseted bags, stand up pouches or sitting bags, are one of the most preferred types of packaging industry. Because it has a much wider use than other models, it is also suitable for different applications.

Doypack bags United Kingdom have locked technology called zip lock. Thanks to this technology, which is frequently encountered in the new generation nuts and spices packaging, the product can be locked after being used and its freshness can be maintained for a long time. This results in being especially preferred for food products.

Doypack packagings are suitable for many types of food due to the valve application compatibility. Packages with valve are particularly preferred for packaging of ground coffee and ready-to-use coffees. Thanks to its structure that releases out the gases inside, it maintains the coffee fresh which it keeps, for much longer.

Unlike ordinary packaging types, it is not a single layer. It is produced as a result of several layers of lamination and thus it is much more durableIt provides a high level of protection for the products in it. It is not east to tear it apart, and it doesn’t have gas and liquid permeability.

Doypack packagings can be produced according to customer’s request with glossy – matt, with or without window, with or without valve, kraft, aluminium, transparent, printed – unprinted. It is preferred to pack all kinds of food products because of its aesthetic appearance and solid structure.

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