Inflammation of the scratched cornea of the eye

Inflammation of the scratched cornea of the eye – a nuisance, dangerous and painful

Eye inflammation that mainly keratitis, corneal inflammation, which affected much trouble, because the eye then reacts with light sensitivity, tearing, foreign body sensation, and even blepharospasm. Only when the cornea of the eye is affected, it is really a keratitis.

The inflamed scratched cornea looks cloudy and vision can be disturbed. The ophthalmologist diagnosed with inflammation of the slit-lamp with the structures of the eye are visible. The Schirmer test gives this information about the amount of tear fluid and by a smear – biopsy – to determine the precipitating agent. Bacteria such as staphylococcus, streptococcus, viruses such as herpes and varicella, and fungi can cause corneal inflammation, HIV and diabetes mellitus may promote the disease.

According to the diagnosis of local antibiotics are used immediately or antifungal agents. In severe cases, such as a rare genetic corneal inflammation, even a corneal transplant is done to prevent the spread of inflammation, with clouding of the cornea, scarring and severe restriction of the field to.

For rapid self heard, immediately remove the lenses to use against strong sensitivity to light a pair of sunglasses and quickly obtain a medical diagnosis. All agents must be addressed locally in the eye with drugs, otherwise the delicate stroma of the eye suffers damage and may lead to an ulcer – ulcer serpens – with irreparable damage.

The immune system is to examine each case and to strengthen it. In a less common pseudomonad infection can penetrate the cornea, and it must be made within 48 hours of emergency surgery to prevent perforation of the cornea with subsequent blindness.

The ophthalmologist prescribed normally without waiting for the determination of an immediate broad-spectrum antibiotic agents such as neomycin, gentamicin, polymyxin, or something similar. If the anterior chamber of the eye to be affected, we have to prevent a secondary glaucoma. Then, eye drops are necessary for the dilation of the pupil. In a frequently occurring herpes simplex corneae the lids are red and sometimes it comes to conjunctivitis, which only after repeated occurrence of herpes degenerates into a scratched corneal inflammation. Virenhemmende ointments, such as Zovirax ointment or Trifluman are helpful. In case of repeated occurrence of the general health and the immune system must be checked.

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