Lets Talk About A Healthy Immune System

A healthy immune system is basic for optimum health. How often do we consider whether or not we are destroying our immune system with the way we live.

Right Now you need to decide what you think about what you believe. I use an illustration regularly to help people understand the decision process. For the next 30 seconds I want you to close your eyes and truly believe you are the president of the United States. Now I want you to really believe it with all your heart! After you open your eyes read the rest of this.

How many presidents do we have now? Still only one I’ll bet. So you see, no matter how much you believe something it doesn’t make it true. The same with your immune system. Either it is working at optimum level or it isn’t whether you believe it or not. How you live your entire life, totally and completely, affects your immune system either for the good or the bad. The decisions you make each day are regulated by all your external factors. Air, available water supply, foods that are available depending on where you live, and your environment such as where you work and live. That is why when you make a healthy decision you get to make another mark on the chart of life in your favor. One healthy decision after another. That’s why I get so excited when I find another healthy clue. So many small healthy decisions sitting right in front of me. Healthy cooking. What chemicals and additives do you poison your food with. Healthy living. How many pollutants do you spray into the air you breath at home or work. You say it smells good! “And!” Have you considered natural occurring fragrances. You may be aware they exist but unable to find out where they are available. Not to worry. Read on in healthy lifestyles.

What about healthy supplements. And again not all vitamins are created equal. Think about this. The finer a compound is no matter what it is, determines how well it is absorbed into your body’s system. You can lay a rock on your arm but it won’t penetrate your skin. On the other hand wipe your arm with pure alcohol and it absolutely will get into your blood. If you don’t believe me put some die in it and wipe that on your arm. Yeah! you won’t do that again!!! So I want to give you a new term. Bioavailable. Click on this term on and see what Wikipedia says about this term. You might consider a new vitamin source. I happen to use an excellent bioavailable supplement and I’m amazed at the results. (more later on.)

Lets go on. How about your food supply? Healthy vegetables. What is the allowable level of contaminants in the ground used to grow our food supply in? Well you know chemical fertilizers are widely used and the preferred choice because of the cost. Ever wonder why organic foods cost more?

Ever heard of natural remedies? Some people actually believe you need to poison yourself to get well. What’s wrong with using something natural? Check out these natural remedies.

Healthy meat. What type of growth hormone do they inject into our meat supply? Of course you know growth hormones injected into humans can cause serious medical problems if used incorrectly. I used to work for a friend part time on his ranch and we would catch the calves and inject a growth hormone tab into their ears. It had less chance to cause a problem in that spot. Boy did take me a few years before I figured out what that really meant.

Now I hope I have your attention. You either feed your immune system to enhance it or damage it. Our lungs filter out the pollutants in the air for our blood, our body filters out the chemicals we ingest also for our blood. Now where do all those chemicals and pollutants usually end up. If it lays stagnant and dormant long enough in our intestines ….. I don’t even want to use that term. Every organ is fed by the blood supply. Poor nutrition, poor condition of the organ. They are also protected by our blood supply. Poor immune system, serious medical risk to those malnourished organs. Why would we put ourselves at such great risk? All this stuff in our food and water supply ends up in our body somewhere and if the accumulation is big enough, we get a medical condition from it. A large accumulation of mercury in the brain is linked to alzheimer’s. Many fish species should not be eaten because of where they feed. The flu vaccine contains mercury and regular flu shots in the elderly have been linked to guess what. Alzheimer’s!!! Coal dust in the lungs causes that big lung dust problem thingy. Smoking causes all kinds of (the c). The list goes on. But why do some smokers get it but others don’t. I can make a very good guess. Some people eat for their health. The immune system has a way of isolating mutating cells so they can’t grow. Diabetes can be controlled with a proper diet. Why wait to get extremely sick before starting to eat right!

I have been exposed to someone with tuberculoses but I didn’t get the disease. My navy buddy did. Why. Again I can guess. I ate three nutritious meals a day(for military food thats a stretch) and I remember he was a junk food freak. 35 years later I’m still disease free and I didn’t take the treatment. I was also somehow infected with hepatitis c the bad strain. Again 30 or so years no symptoms or liver damage. This is really not hard to figure out. My immune system is at its optimum or at least very close. I have known about the benefits of eating healthy for many years even though I didn’t know how it affected my immune system. There are also people who get something and their conditions go away and are said to be in remission. thats the immune system doing its job. We have to get a grip on this.

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