My silly manifestation – this is for you Bart!

I intend to find a billy goat in a kilt!
Background Information:

This is an intention inspired by Bart’s entry on Manifesting Blue Frogs and Polka Dotted Moons. I think it is a great idea for practicing patience and paying attention to the things around you.

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  1. fuzebill says:

    I am APPALLED at such nonsense!! This is a forum for discussing “REAL” intentions.

    Your correct intention should have been “I intend to find a billy goat in a kilt, dress, pants or other wearable attire”

    LOL….your very clever and funny though, this manifested a smile on my face ;)…good job ;).

  2. Melos says:

    I don’t have a goat in a kilt to share, but I just wanted to say that I loved this intention and the comments! You shall find what you seek! No matter how silly it is! 🙂

    Melanie – Melos

  3. lorafay says:

    Oh my gosh! Yep…I think it definantly counts! I have been so busy with interviews and job searches that I forgot about my billy goat. When I read this, I went to my step son’s books and there it was! The same book with the same picture. lol! Had they been here in Michigan on a vacation and not in Utah where they live, I probably would have seen it sooner when reading to them. Thanks for opening my eyes Bart!

  4. lorafay says:

    Here’s the weird thing…when I was trying to decide what I wanted to see, my first thought was of a goat in plaid. So, since you sent me a picture of a plaid goat and that was my first thought, I think that I will consider it one success. Although I am going to keep looking for my billy goat in a kilt too since that is my actual manifestation. Thanks for the picture! The website was pretty cool too!

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