Sleeping or sleep is a state of periodic rest that is natural for the body and mind. It is also the resembling state of inactivity or the suggesting sleep, dormancy or hibernation. Eyes are close and consciousness is partially or completely lost during sleep in order to decrease the movement of the body and become receptive to the external stimuli. Upon sleeping, the brain undergoes a typical cycles of brain wave activities which includes intervals of dreaming.

Sleep is important and part of the human everyday activity. One way to have a good sleep is by the usage of comforting pillows. Sleeping pillows are designed to provide comfort when we are sleeping. It is also designed to support the physical perspective, the head, the neck, the shoulder and the spine to maintain its natural alignment. Pillows come in many designs depending on the materials that are being used. Some includes the alarm clock pillows, which you can see the time in the surface of the pillow through a glowing illumination cloud. There is also a book type of pillow that is designed like a book. The therapeutic pillow is a type of pillow that is designed to those people who has pain on the on the neck, shoulder, head or spine. This pillow gives proper alignment when sleeping since it gives proper support and stability. Wild Lettuce  can also be helpful.

Sleeping is part of human activity, there is a need to understand what happens when we are sleeping. When you are sleeping, you become unaware and unconscious on what is happening around you. Upon sleeping, you undergo on different stages, which has 2 main types; the REM or rapid eye movement sleep and the NON-REM or non-rapid eye movement, mobile hairdresser Peterborough.

The REM or rapid eye movement makes up for about 1/5 of your sleep. It comes and goes all throughout the night as the brain become very active, the eyes then move rapidly from side to side and that’s the time toy undergone dreaming. As the brain become active the body remains relaxed.

As your body moves while you are sleeping, the brain is silent, this is the time you experience the stage of Non-REM sleep which has 3 sub stages; the pre-sleep, by which the muscle is relax, the body temperature drops and the heart beat is slower. The second stage is the light sleep, in which you easily wake up without the feeling of being confused. The last stage is the slow wave sleep. The BP or blood pressure drops, you may walk or talk as you sleep and this is the stage that is difficult to wake up. And if someone wakes you up, you have the feeling of being confused.

A night without a sleep will not affect your health but it can make you feel tired on the next day. Yet, several nights without sleep, you will feel tired at all time, feel you depressed, find hard for you to make decisions, drop off your day, and have difficulty on concentration. And if continues, you will get more likely increase in blood pressure, overweight and diabetes.

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